Serione has been working hard at bringing quality products to the market. Our current portfolio are

Serione serICIN P5K

Silk Peptide Powder with MW < 5KDa. ( Hydrolysed ) . This powder is devoid of preservative & carriers.

Serione sericin L5K

Silk Peptide Liquid with MW < 5KDa. ( Hydrolysed ) . With 10% active ingredient & industry accepted preservative.

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Atmanirbhar Bharat

India’s first Silk Protein Manufacturing facility for the WORLD

Why Choose Us?

Certified Products

Serione products are certified by a globally recognised third party food testing laboratory. We provide filler-free, pure & stable products for the Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical Industry

The World Is Flat

Pandemic, War, Recession, Political Instability are some of the main reasons why one should de-risk sourcing raw materials from one country/company. We give you that leverage.

Circular Economy

Our Silk Protein Manufacturing method is environmentally friendly. All the byproducts are easily biodegradable & hold value. We are a high value, low environmental impact, circular Manufacturer

Make in India

We are an alternative to Imported Silk Proteins. India is the 2nd largest producer of silk cocoons. Then why do you have to pay a premium for Silk Protein & in $?

Social Enterprise

Serione is a holistic business. We want to revive Sericulture Industry by providing alternate revenue sources for people along the value chain. Thats’ why we are setting aside Rs 10 for every Rs 1000 towards the upliftment of Sericulture Farmers.


Serione founders have been associated with the Silk industry since the 80s. This helps us make Silk Protein efficiently,

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Hi, I am a researcher/ scientist / purchase manager / cosmetic formulation specialist / buyer for a Cosmetics / Pharma / Nutraceutical Company. I am looking to source 10l of Silk Protein for my production. Can you share the Certified Data sheet for the same ?